The plastic injection molding process involves different work steps that first lead to melting the polymers and then injecting them at high or low pressure into a metal mold. Everything is done by using an injection molding machine, which then transforms undefined polymer granules into different objects that are perfectly worked even in the smallest details.

Nowadays injection molding is the most important part of our production, and our plant has 30 injection presses of various tonnages (from 20 to 380 tons).
The presses are equipped with robot manipulators for the extraction of the pieces as well as conveyor belts for the packaging beside the machines.

Working on 3 shifts for 7 working days, our production capacity makes it possible to transform 150 tons of raw materials into printed products every month.

We can produce both aesthetic and structural articles using the best polymers on the market. The thermoplastic resins used are certified at the source, and have also the suitability for contact with food, to ensure high quality and extremely reliable printed products.

We use molds that can produce plastic objects ranging from a few grams each up to 1,5 kg. These articles are then used in various commercial sectors, of which we give you some examples:

  • Cleaning articles: buckets, wringers, components for floor cleaners and broom handles, components for clothes-driers;
  • Kitchen items: salad bowls, glasses, citrus squeezers, fridge containers, graters, colanders;
  • Various household items: perfume diffusers for environments or anti-parasitic, dish-holder for dishwashers, deo for car;
  • Gardening and DIY articles: storage buckets, plant pots;
  • Articles for hairdressers and beauty: helmets and visors, sterilisers and vaporizers, support feet, containers and drawers;
  • Technical / industrial articles: wrappers for packaging, "arms" of various kinds, and capsules.

At Officina Dondini we have been offering injection molding services of high quality for over 45 years, reducing production times to the maximum, in order to respond quickly to many different requests but also maintaining a high level of production.

All new molds and their related products are optimized in cycle times, keeping the quality of the manufactured article and the required tolerances as essential constraints. Then we go to create the bill of materials (BOM) of the article.

All this is planned by the Production Office that, with the help of a modern management software that we have created together with our entrusted computer technicians, organizes the productions according to the customer's delivery requests, optimizes the Lead Time and manages any urgent request with extreme flexibility. In agreement with the customer, we also have the possibility to manage stocks at our warehouse.