Design & Mold Construction

The production of injection molds is the most delicate phase of the production process. Both for the extreme precision of processing and for the substantial relevance of a mold, from which hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of pieces will be produced.

The prototyping allows you to touch in first hand the quality of the finished product made in limited edition and, consequently, to modify it further without wasting energy, time, costs and achieving results that are as close as possible to the ideas of our customers.

For customers who want to test the mechanical characteristics of the final plastic piece and / or put into production small batches to get a feedback from the market before making large investments, we can propose to make a pilot mold.


Officina Dondini wants to be a reliable and efficient partner for its customers, following them in all the various phases when a new project is presented.

Starting from the very first idea, we do a thorough study of feasibility, to understand immediately which could be the possible critical issues to be addressed during the design and construction. Then we study together with the customer the most suitable raw material to be used for that type of article.

Then we'll make the technical design, using latest generation software (CAD and CAM systems), which will be the guide for the first prototyping.

As last step, once the samples have passed all the tests, we will start the construction of the new mold.

The construction of the mold

The construction of the molds is entrusted to our workshop, made up of highly specialized staff who can boast decades of experience gained in the field, and we have both a traditional equipment and CNC (milling machine / EDM / lathe / grinding) that allows us to perform all kinds of molds.

During this phase we give big creative freedom and design to the customer, who can choose, depending on the duration of the mold or the quantity of pieces to be produced, if the final details will have a glossy, satin, sanded or opaque finish. Furthermore, together with the customer, we'll decide the type of material to be used for the mold and the relative treatments to be carried out (tempering / tennifer, etc.).

An other task of the workshop is also to guarantee a constant routine maintenance of the whole equipment used in the production, as well as a prompt support in case there is a need for modifications or extraordinary maintenance to the molds.

We have always worked in the name of excellence to guarantee to all our customers the best results in terms of quality, energy saving, respect of the delivery times and innovation.

We are also in contact with external collaborators that allow us to have maximum flexibility in the execution of the works.