Company & Mission

The Dondini Vittorio Srl is a family business that was founded in 1969 in the province of Bologna.

If we initially we were dealing only with the construction of molds, since the 90's we have also developed in the molding of plastic parts for third parties.

Since then we have operated continuously in this sector and over the years we have gradually evolved by increasing the services offered to our customers.

For this reason today, thanks also to several years of experience, we are able to assist the customer at 360 degrees, following it from the idea to the finished product, through the following steps: idea, design, prototyping, mold construction, molding (and eventual assembling), packaging and finally shipping.

We also offer the possibility to store the produced products in our warehouses, while we're waiting for their shipment to be scheduled.

Particular attention is paid to the care of the equipment and the maintenance of the molds. In fact we dedicate ourselves at least twice a year, usually in correspondence with the closing periods (August and December), the maintenance of the presses and the cleaning of the molds.

Quality and precision, responsiveness to the customer's requests and speed in production are the strengths that allow us to be a highly competitive company in this area.


The new headquarters in via Antonio Labriola, 8